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If you would like to get in touch with any of the team, please contact: austin@mondoenduro.com

Mondo Enduro Team

  • Austin Vince
    Austin Vince
  • Clive Greenough
    Clive Greenhough
  • Louis Bloom
    Louis Bloom
  • Charles Penty
    Charles Penty
  • Mark Friend
    Mark Friend
  • Nick Stubley
    Nick Stubley
  • Gerald Vince
    Gerald Vince

Terra Circa Team

  • Austin Vince
    Austin Vince
  • Dave Greenhough
    Dave Greenhough
  • Matt  Hill
    Matt Hill
  • Charlie Benner
    Charlie Benner
  • Gerald Vince
    Gerald Vince
Austin Vince
Book Me!

Austin Vince and, on occasion, other team members are available to speak at your function. They are always keen to spread their ethos of low budget travel fun. Contact them now and make a booking!

quotation markA natural presenter, he can hold an audience for hours on end on any topic he pleases. Would book him time and time againquotation mark

Glynn Roberts - organiser of the Horizons Unlimited Adventure Motorcycle Symposium.
quotation markLively and informative. No one sleeps during Austin's Presentations!quotation mark

Leslie Madge - TravelDri-Plus Expedition Motorcycle Equipment.
quotation markWithout doubt the most funny entertaining evening ever, fantastic stories of travels around the world, the reasons why he did it and the reasons everybody should do it.quotation mark

Dave Lewis - Thatcham Motor Research Centre.