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Terra Circa

This was the name given by Dave Greenhough to his around the world (London to New York) motorcycle venture as launched in May 2001. Dave had been a keen motorcyclist as a child and was understandably jealous when aged only 18 he had to wave off elder brother Clive on Mondo Enduro. He was determined to have a go himself and what better objective than to attempt to conquer the break in the Trans-Siberian Highway Mondo had christened The Zilov Gap.

Dave assembled a team of fit, strong and off-road competent school friends with an average age of 22 but 35 year old Austin was invited to come along as cameraman to chronicle the attempt. Things didn't quite work out as hoped with several of the youngsters dropping out and being replaced by older and uglier riders. Disappointment and misery came when Dave crashed on a dirt track near Volgograd, Russia. He struggled on but had to be flown home for knee surgery from Kazakhstan. The team pressed on without their leader, eventually traversing the Zilov Gap but not without one of the riders wiping out and breaking his collar bone. However, with this, the Terra Circa team were the first to traverse the Russian continent without using the train and in this respect, some of the demons of Mondo Enduro were finally, laid to rest.

Two miles into the Zilov Gap and unstoppable!
Two miles into the Zilov Gap and unstoppable!

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